Community clinics funded by the LPHI administered Primary Care Access Stabilization Grant (PCASG) and other community-based clinics throughout New Orleans have not only filled critical gaps in health care provision since Hurricane Katrina, they also embody the Medical Home model of care which has been a central tenet of health care reform initiatives in New Orleans and throughout the state for more than a decade. (For more information on the Medical Home model, see Volume 3, page 8.4–8.5.) Additionally, several have expanded the services they provide to include outpatient behavioral and social services in addition to primary care, and exemplify coordinated, patient-centered service delivery across the continuum of care. These clinics represent an opportunity to reform the city’s health care system according to national best practices, and should serve as a foundation for a citywide network of neighborhood-based MSCs.

To ensure the continuation and expansion of community clinics in New Orleans after the 2010 expiration of the PCASG, the City should pursue the following sources of funding:

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