New   rleans A Plan for the 21st Century

Master Plan

August 2010
[As amended through 2018]

New Orleans
in 2030

What is the Master Plan?

This comprehensive, citywide plan will guide the city’s growth for the next 20 years. Building on previous plans for New Orleans and extensive public participation, this plan adapts global best practices to support the goals and objectives of a broad cross section of New Orleanians.

As the city’s primary policy and planning document, the Master Plan is designed for the use of elected officials who will adopt it and fund its implementation; appointed officials who will use it as a guide to discretionary decisions; and municipal agency heads charged with implementing the plan and revising other plans to conform with it. The Plan is also of critical importance to the government agencies that are not directly under City control, and to all present and future civic leaders in understanding their constituencies’ objectives and framing their own leadership roles. Finally, the plan is a guide for residents to understand — from a citywide perspective — recent trends, current and future opportunities, constraints, and critical issues that must be addressed if New Orleans is to thrive, and the role that each individual can play in achieving the goals of the Plan.

How the Master Plan is organized

The Master Plan contains three volumes.

  • Volume 1 is the overall Executive Summary.
  • Volume 2Strategies and Actions – presents a narrative of the strategies and actions recommended to achieve the plan’s goals.
  • Volume 3Context and Appendix – contains an analysis of current conditions and trends, issues identified by the public, the complete set of Neighborhood Character Studies, and an Appendix of background material and resources.

Volume 1

Executive Summary

A condensed version of the unabridged, technical plan

Volume 2

Strategies and Actions

Contains more detailed analysis, recommendations, maps and graphics in 16 chapters

Volume 3

Context and Appendix

Includes additional background analysis, other materials prepared for this plan, and information resources